Trouble with MogreFramework for 1.6.2


08-08-2009 23:21:50

Hey all,

I'm trying to use the newest beta of Mogre 1.6.2, and I'm building the MogreFramework as posted in I'm currently referencing Mogre.dll, System, and System.Windows.Forms, as instructed, and I'm using namespaces Mogre, System.Drawing, and System.Windows.Forms. Currently, the project is claiming that it can't find Resources.Ogrehead - could anyone tell me which namespace this is lurking in? Thanks much in advance!



09-08-2009 00:53:51

It's not a namespace; it's a media. Copy over the cfg files and...Well, I'm bad at giving directions. Follow this tutorial and post whatever errors you get after: :) ... Tutorial_0


25-09-2009 22:55:46

You can try this :

It contains links to other files that you might need (.ico, .jpg, .resx, etc). Don't know the version though. The designer class for OgreWindow does not inherit from System.Windows.Forms ...