Problems building from the svn sources


13-08-2009 01:20:17

I'm trying to work my way through the source from trunk svn feed and I'm having a terrible time. The wiki on building from the source appears to be a little out of date, and I'm doing a little guessing as to how and where to apply the supplied ogre patches. After applying them the cpp2java step appears to be working fine, but the autowrap runs into several different exceptions. Before boring everybody with the details I'm wondering 1) has anybody else besides bekas been able to build from the svn feed? 2) if so, would you mind outlining any steps that differ from the wiki?


20-08-2009 18:10:20

what kind of exceptions do you get on the autowrap stage ? i have recently compiled the sources and like you said, the wiki is out of date on many things.

here the process i have follow to build the 1.6.3 sources (only on release, i run into strange error in debug)

-> get the source from the ogre svn, 1.6 branch
-> patch the ogre source
-> copy the files from the Mogre\Ogre into the Ogre\OgreMain directories (files that start with CLR), put the .h in the include dir and the .cpp in the src dir
-> launch build.bat into cpp2java directory
-> edit the attributes.xml file into the autowrap directory change _notifyWorldGeometryPrepareStageStarted to _notifyWorldGeometryStageStarted and _notifyWorldGeometryPrepareStageEnded to _notifyWorldGeometryStageEnded
-> launch autowrap

after that ,i have follow the build process of bekas here (see the last post)


26-08-2009 04:47:19

Thanks, I'll give that a try. I would really like to be able to get up to speed enough to be helpful with the project.


29-08-2009 06:02:36

Ok, that did it. It turns out that I was having problems in the patching step. Some kind of issue with the 1.6.3 sources. Turned out to be easier to patch 1.6.2 and then upgrade it to 1.6.3. Thanks, just knowing it can work helps a lot.

So now that I have Mogre building for 1.6.3 I'm going to start making some build process suggestions, but I think I'll start another thread for that.