Lights Disappearing?


27-08-2009 15:42:34

Hey all,

I'm having difficulties with point lights in Mogre. I have a flat terrain the player walks over, and each small section (e.g. "cell") of the terrain has a short-ranged point light over it. This is to brighten just that cell of the terrain individually. However, the lights disappear too soon when the player walks just passed them, and they also disappear at the far edges/sides of the viewport window. The lights must be getting removed for efficiency reasons because Mogre doesn't think they need to be used.. but they do. They are being removed too aggressively... how do I fix this? Any ideas?

Thank you!


27-08-2009 16:06:54

Again, I fixed my own problem :-)

I increased the light range, but instead used the quadratic attenuation argument to make for a quick "drop off" where I really wanted the light to end. Now, with the longer light range, the light doesn't get removed too quickly.