Intermediate Tutorials


27-08-2009 20:23:10

I just did the basic tutorials and they are great. But when I started with the intermediate tutorials i discovered that they dont work with Mogre. Is there anyone already who is working on new versions? Else im going to try to figure it out, but ill just hope I know enought from the basic tutorials to understand what is happening in there. Also the site is ofline. Does anyone know for howlong this already is and if there is any chance to get it back online. The code of the first two tutorials should be online overthere.



30-08-2009 05:53:51

The intermediate tutorials are for OgreDotNet, another .net wrapper. The biggest difference is lack of .Net conventions, the use of properties rather than get/set methods. They also don't use the Mogre Framework you've probably been using.


30-08-2009 09:51:08

Yeah, I saw that. My understanding was that ogredotnet was abandoned by the developers, that's why I started with Mogre.