GantZ official MOGRE maintainer


06-10-2009 15:51:22

Hey all,

GantZ has been a great long time contributor to the project, most notably picking up development on MogreNewt and lately providing up-to-date Mogre binaries.
He has agreed to take over the exciting and chick attracting job of the current MOGRE maintainer.

Thanks for all your efforts, GantZ ! :)


06-10-2009 21:59:55

thanks Bekas :D.
I know that there is a lot of things that are out of date in the mogre project, so my main objective will be to keep mogre up to date with ogre release and providing a more user friendly SDK. i don't know if i will have enough time to spare to keep the wiki up to date, or to make extensive testing of mogre (apart from the functionality i use in my own projects). So if anyone willing to help, no matter the time you can spare, you are more than welcome :)


07-10-2009 01:58:13

Thanks for stepping up GantZ!


07-10-2009 10:43:32

Great job GantZ. :)


07-10-2009 13:15:16

GantZ, I wish you success.


08-10-2009 07:46:39

Thank you GantZ. You da man!


29-10-2009 08:24:33

Thanks gantz !


16-11-2009 12:55:37

First Bekas, then Marioco, now GrantZ.
I hope in future we also find Mogre maintainer, that have enough time and knowledge for this job.
It would be good to document useful background information about how to update Mogre and the wrapper internals.
The wiki is a great place to publish information.
So it's more easy for others to understand and maybe support/continue the work.
Some detailed suggestions I made in the past.
If someone is interested, I could search and link it.

Generally thanks to all the people who support(ed) Mogre.
We are just a small community (in comparison to Ogre main), so every contribution is twice as much.