Boundingbox error


06-10-2009 19:01:05


Updated my project to 1.6.2, and Mogrenewt 2.0 lately and got a strange problem.
Some of my models boundingboxes seems to suddenly stop udating, they just freeze, but the model and mogrenewt collision moves as it should.
Because of this my model disappears when i move the camera and the boundingbox is out of the camera frustrum.
I am using the latest OgreMax as my model exporter.
Any ideas????


06-10-2009 19:53:40

could you provide the code you use to initialize and move your model and collision object ?


06-10-2009 21:06:22

Don't think the error is in my code.
Everyhing worked fine with 1.4.8.
Will try to upload video to show the problem (if my line is good that is, i'm currently on an Ancor handling boat outside the coast of Norway :)


06-10-2009 21:41:25

what i mean is that you can use some functions which could have change in the 1.6 branch, or in mogrenewt 2.0 . you can also have found a bug in either mogrenewt or mogre so if you can provide the code, it will be easier to reproduce it for debugging purpose.

well, if you can provide a video it could help understanding the problem better. (if your line allow it :) )


07-10-2009 10:35:30

Found the error :D

My initial code:
private void Newton()
m_World = new World();
m_World.SetWorldSize(new AxisAlignedBox(new Mogre.Vector3(-250f, -500f, -250f), new Mogre.Vector3(250f, 500f, 250f)));
// m_World.SetPlatformArchitecture(World.PlatformArchitecture.PA_BEST_HARDWARE);
root.FrameStarted += new FrameListener.FrameStartedHandler(this.Newton_FrameStarted);



Then i changed m_World.SetThreadCount to 1 and everything works fine.
Any thoughts on this????


07-10-2009 13:04:36

ok, i understand better now. i'm still in the middle of porting the last addition of ogrenewt into mogrenewt regarding threading. Mogrenewt (and also newton) is still in beta and since threading have been added in the 2.0 version, it's not fully implemented. i will add this bug to my TODO list. for now, prefer stick to the one thread model like in the 1.53 version. thanks for the report :)