Source distribution?


21-10-2009 15:47:17

Hi -

Wondering if it would be possible to package up a source distribution of Mogre, i.e. a zipfile including all necessary dependancies, so we can fire up VS and click Build -

Tried to get the latest SVN version and build on a couple of occasions, but it's a real pain. Perhaps our new maintainer could just create a big ol' zipfile of his build dir? :)



21-10-2009 18:57:54


i would suggest you to use the batch build made by boinst here : it do all the setup and build for you, and i think it's way better than providing a big zip file which got outdated after each new version. (and it use bandwidth :))

also, it's easier to use, even if i provide all my build directory, you will still need to setup dependencies like the ogre one, dx sdk and also make some change between each build (since you need to build ogre then mogre then ogre again). having a tool that do the job for you is better IMHO


21-10-2009 21:20:07

Didn't find that before, thanks for the pointer.!