SOLVED: samples execution fails (bug in debug part of sdk?)


24-10-2009 09:05:49

Hi all,
I am trying to compile mogre samples and run them. My OS is Windows 7, I can compile the samples in Visual Studio 2008, but when I execute or debug them, I get an error saying:
Could not load file or assembly 'Mogre.Demo.ExampleApplication, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

I've checked the references and all the files there, the example code outputs are there also, but I keep on getting the same exception. Do you have any idea what the problem may be? (I've set the assembly version to to verify that I am pointing to the correct assembly, fails without touching anything in the same way)

This is the first thing that fails to run on Windows7, so I don't think that it is an OS compatibility problem
Edit: I've installed mogre 1.6 SDK beta 1 install from the link ... 4_beta.exe

Edit: Looks like there's a bug in debug distribution of SDK (and binary download, the same problem), copying debug built demo applications to release directory makes them work. (see 4th post from me)


24-10-2009 09:52:14

And when I execute BuildSamples.cmd, now release executables launches/runs now? I guess something is wrong in the solution file or configurations


24-10-2009 10:08:29

alright, now on a clue here, debug build os sample applications crash on launch, release builds runs OK. so it is still a mystery why that's so. but I am checking further on. (debug build execution fails both for compilation from visual studio and command line). This is probably a bug in some of the settings in projects, or one of the dll's distributed in debug directory is wrong


24-10-2009 10:15:11

compiling debug versions of the demo applications and putting them on release directory succeeds, so there's something wrong with the distributed dll's in debug directory of the SDK


24-10-2009 15:07:04

do you guys also experience the same problem? Can someone tell me that if they compile the debug version of sample applications, can you run them?


24-10-2009 20:59:10

You have to exchange the references to Mogre.dll with Mogre_d.dll in each project if you want to use the debug libraries.


25-10-2009 11:29:12

Confirmed, works great, thanks!