MogreNewt new version compile request


25-10-2009 11:40:53

Hi all,

I have used MogreNewt from Gantz succesfully with Mogre 1.6.4 (thanks Gantz!), and it works like a charm. It took some time to find out the correct version of newton implementation version, I found out that there are lots of improvements in newtonphysics library (Gantz version depends on SDK 2.0 release, current release is out on newton site is SDK 2.10 with quite a lot of speed improvements and bug fixes). My question is, is someone using already one of the newer versions by porting it to .NET world and integrating to MOGRE?



25-10-2009 18:12:11


i'm currently at the process of upgrading to the last newton version :), so far, i have a working version, but i haven't implement all the change from newton and ogrenewt. i will probably release a version soon (in one or two week)


01-11-2009 21:19:09

Pretty cool, please update us whenever you're ready! :)