Release Application


01-12-2009 01:30:37

I'm new with Mogre and i'm working on a car game usign mogreNewt to manage the physics.
I want to create a release application that can run in any computer (at least under windows ... at least under XP)
.... i want to know how much 'independence' i can get:
Does the user need to have:
- MOgre installed?
- Ogre installed?
- Newton installed?

if it doesn't need to have them installed .. what do i need to do to make my application work?


PD: Sorry if my english it's not that good, i'm not a english-native speaker.


01-12-2009 01:50:54

The user has to have .net 2.0, DirectX 9.0c and the VC++ 2008 Redist installed.
See here.

He doesn't need to install the Mogre, Ogre or Newton SDK.
Having the necessary dlls (mogre.dll, ogremain.dll (+used plugins and rendersystems), mogrenewt.dll and newton.dll) in the same folder as your exe is sufficient.


01-12-2009 13:42:21

Remember - the user needs the current version of 9.0c.
For Mogre 1.6.4 it is the package of March 2009.
Alternatively you could add the DirectX web installer. It's size is just 300KB and it downloads/installes the latest version of DirectX. ... 6652cd92a3