09-12-2009 14:29:39

Hi all, I start this topic to help newbies avoid days of google and searching the Ogre forum
The views expressed here represent opened questions that I and perhaps many others newbies have.

a) Can MOGRE be embeded into UserControl with MOIS feature.
Open question 1: The thread was based on 2008 Mogre. Has any update solve the issue? Feedback pls.

Open question 1: Beside MOIS, is there any further disadvantage of embeding MOGRE into UserControl? How about GUI e.g.

b) Many of the examples for MESH builder involving unsafe codes are based on older version of Mogre . For newbies, I recommed using ManualObject to gain experience.

Open question 2: ManualObject API is very elaborate. Where can we find more Code snippets illustrating different features described in the API.
Pls refer to contributions by WarehouseJim

Open question 3: ConvertToMesh!!!!
With ManualObject, it is simpler to create and update attributes such as colour and transparency. However, once we have converted them into Mesh. Is there a way to update the colour and transparency without the unsafe codes?

I encourage more newbies to contribute your "inconclusive views"