YAT Source Files?


14-12-2009 10:19:57


I stumbled across the MORGE projects page and thought they'd be a good source of hints for working with the MORGE engine. Of particular is the "Yet another Tetris" app, since it's simple and would include a lot of the basic fundamentals for an aspiring game designer. :D

However it was disappointing to see that the download link was broken and I'm wondering (well...hoping) that some members here have previously saved the YAT.zip file before it was removed. I've done a search of the forum (for YAT, etc) and Google wasn't much help either. Alternatively, if you know where I might be able to get a copy that would be great too.

Thanks in advance.


14-12-2009 20:08:19


I have a copy of the source files. But I don´t know anymore where I had found the files.
I can send you the zip or upload it somewhere, just send me a pm.

Have you seen this project http://sourceforge.net/projects/mogretetris/
This seems to be similar to what you search. I just found it, but don´t know if it is


15-12-2009 04:53:51

Thanks for the prompt reply bacardicola. I'll look around for some free, permanent, uploading places to put it; or if it's not too big you an email it through and I'll upload it somewhere for anyone else. How big is the zip (I've sent you a PM)?

I also checked our your link and it looks like another good app to learn from, but there wasn't any files coming up to download. Is this the case for you too?



15-12-2009 07:46:29


you can download the current version of mogretetris here:
just click on Download GNU tarball. It´s the current revision of the repository.

I remember that I had tested the code a couple of time ago and it was not very helpful, because its a early incomplete version...

The source code of YAT is below 500kb...