[OT] Performance loss with vs2008


22-12-2009 14:05:08

I have a problem which is not related to mogre - i'm just asking here because i think here there are some experts who could have faced similar issues. Forgive the abuse of this forum, and obviously feel free to ignore me :)

i've recently ported a project from vs2003 to vs2008, and i'm experiencing a strange performance loss in DEBUG mode

In vs2003, it runs at 25fps
In vs2008, it runs at 15fps

the architecture is quite simple: client.exe, which uses framework.dll, which uses ogremain.dll

framework.dll is a mixed mode (c++/cli) managed library which exposes high level objects in .net fashion (it links to ogre and other stuff like ois, ode, raknet, audiere). client.exe is c#

In release mode both versions runs at a steady 83fps. Nonetheless it is annoying to debug in bullettime mode when i know i could do it faster. The performance loss is with the debug build, either when executing inside the ide or launching it directly.

after the migration, framework.dll is in /clr:oldsynhtax compatibility mode. i didn't want to embark in porting to the latest /clr
al least if is not my last option

things i've already tried are
- disabling host debugging
- disable network access and ie certificate revokation (found on msdn, solves asp debugging, but you never know)
- disable platform verification
- disable mda (managed debugger assistant)
- check c4793 warnings

the next step will be post on some msdn forum. i've tried first here because maybe you already encountered this issue (and that, given the average feedback i see there i'm not over confident i'll get some real answer :)