MOGRE failure for samples with MOIS in VS2008


24-12-2009 02:58:37

Hi all,

I'm taking an evaluatory foray into Mogre and like what I see so far, but have come across a stumbling block with the sample programs.

I'm using VS2008 SP1 on Vista 32bit. All config files are set correctly; I am using the release version of the libraries; all DLLs are copied to the bin\release directory.

The sample programs run fine ONLY if I comment out reference to MOIS; in this case, "CreateInput()" and "HandleEvent()" in Demo.ExampleProgram must be commented out. If done so, then they run perfectly well; except for input of course.

However, if I uncomment and allow the assembled executable to attempt to load MOIS, it fails. MOIS.dll is of course present, and must be valid as VS2008 can resolved type refs when compiling, but it can't load the code at run time. There seems to be an incompatibility with the code. The error is the infamous FileNotFoundException:The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E).

Does anyone know of a quick resolution to this? Obviously with so many people building it under VS2008 successfully, there must be something simple I'm missing.

BTW - precompiled binaries execute fine. This issue seems to be related to MOIS when I build under VS2008.

Help! Thanks in advance.

- Blogger / Blogre

NOTE: I should mention that I can't get the debug versions of dlls to run properly; but many people have encountered this issue in the forums and suggest using the release versions, which does work - is it possible that MOIS.dll is compiled with debug symbols in it?


24-12-2009 05:47:18

Make sure you're using the 'MOIS.dll' from the release folder (size: 490kb).
The one in the debug folder (size: 340kb) still references 'ois.dll', which might be the reason you get the FileNotFoundException.

NOTE: I should mention that I can't get the debug versions of dlls to run properly;

They should work if you have the C++ component of VS installed (or VC++ Express).


24-12-2009 19:19:38

Thank-you smiley80, you hit the nail on the head. The non-debug version of MOIS is actually larger than the debug version, which is uncommon. For some reason the debug version would show up in the release folder; I simply replaced all occurrrences of it with the 490kb and everything compiles and runs fine. Thank-you for the fast response!