Mogre 1.4.8 dll with MovableText intergrated?


04-01-2010 11:10:17

Hey .

Does anybody have the dll for mogre 1.4.8 dll with the Movabletext integrated?

the file is not there anymore.



05-01-2010 13:52:57

why not to rebuild item again use the sourceļ¼Ÿ


09-01-2010 12:25:26

I found a rar file on my harddisk.
Somebody gave it to me, but I never test it.
It should contain Mogre with MovableText and other dll files.
I hope this helps you. ... _.rar.html

If you need to recompile Mogre, look to this wiki page: ... rom_source (for Mogre 1.4)