12-01-2010 12:03:20

I saw that some newcomers tried to get run the current Mogre Tutorial 0.
This needs the file MorgeFramework.dll.

The linked files are outdated and not for Mogre 1.6.x.
Somewhere in an SVN was the source with which you can rebuild it. But I can't find it.
Does somebody knows, where it is?

Also it would be good to have a compiled version, which newcomers can download.
Additionally we could add it to the MogreSDK.

I know, our tutorials needs an update, but even so I would like to offer the file MogreFramework.dll for newcomers.

Information for newcomers:
The MogreFramework is just a helper class for the tutorials (to reduce the needed code/knowledge at beginning).
Later in your own application you should not use it. Instead it's better to write your own code to setup/initialize all things.


12-01-2010 12:16:48

Sometimes things are closer than you think: ... e%3Dclosed


12-01-2010 14:29:48

Heh, sorry Beauty. I forgot to tell you that I uploaded smiley80's generously provided files to the SVN. :D


12-01-2010 15:41:24

I saw the directory smiley80 in SVN, but didn't noticed the MogreFramework project.
And in the SVN I searched only for the dll file :lol:
Now I build the file MogreFramework.dll for the current Mogre version.

Here is the direct download link to the release version of MogreFramework.dll: ... mework.dll

It also will be included to the next release of MogreSDK.

Please try it with the tutorials and give feedback if it works.