PCZSM and Mogre ?


16-01-2010 22:25:56

I see that PCZSM is distributed with mogre.
Is PCZSM usable with Mogre ?
Can somebody say something about this topic ?
As I remember there was something with "zones" incompatible with mogre. (but I might be wrong).
If it's usable can you point me to some info how to use it with mogre ?


17-01-2010 22:01:01

AFAIK, PCZSM is not usable with mogre right now. it have been removed of the latest binary release (and i suppose also from the latest sdk release).

this is not top priority for me right now. i will probably look into it later, when moving to ogre 1.7, but i don't know if the issue that mogre have with pczsm are easy to fix, so i have no idea when it will be done.


18-01-2010 15:13:43

I was just asking because I have made some substitution for portals by myself.
I was just curious if i did not wast my work in vain.
It do not depend on any scene manager, but it's "somehow" increasing performance.