18-01-2010 08:37:15

Hi friends
Good Afternoon

I Want folloing from this engine...........

firstly, I want this MOGRE engine hosting on my WPF application(window). Like in MorgeSample they given that Morge hosting on windowfroms.
same thing i Want to do with WPF.

then I want Take Object(man) in my WPF window using MOGRE API. We are giving only Two co-ordinate(source and destination co-ordinate)
The Object is moving source Co-ordinate to destination Co-ordinate Gradually(that mean Object is moving step by step like man is moving from house A to House B step by step, not man directly jump form source to destination.(Like we are playing in many Game))

Is it possible above application using MOGRE.?

Please Help me......
Give good linkand Blogs.(With source code)

Have nice day...

Advance thanks


22-01-2010 21:53:13

Perhaps the simplest thing to do is create a WindowsFormsHost in your WPF window, and use the Windows Forms code from the other example? (I don't know how well this works.)

Another idea is to host MOgre in an WPF Image: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/WPF/OgreInTheWpf.aspx I am in the process of working with this approach.