Exporting from 3DS MAX


18-01-2010 12:25:41


I'm trying everything in my power to get this to work, it just does not do what I want, so some help would be appreciated

I used several ways to export my model from 3DS Max to be able to use in MOGRE.
I used :
Max Exporter from OgreMax
Ogre exporting that was included with the TORCH ED ( Torchlight Editor )

I even tried my own export script that I created with MaxScript ( -> which works actually perfect for any static models )

Yet, NONE of the above seem to be able to export a model with more then 1 animation... it f*** up the model bigtime.. :(

Some help would be appreciated.
Please note, I do not wish to go to Blender...

Much appreciated



19-01-2010 20:07:10


what type of animation?
Is it just "object movement" or skinned objects?
You don't say in what way it messes up your model, can you elaborate on that please?
Post some screenshots too, from your 3d app, and then how it get's when you get your model into ogre.

Personally I use ogremax, and ofusion, no problems with any of these.


20-01-2010 09:34:42

Hi, I don't use Ofusion ( yet ) and for the OgreMax, I reïnstalled it to be able to use it.