Creating a Wall or Room


27-01-2010 04:15:27

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I want to create a wall using MOGRE or I want to create a room. (I am talk about 3D Room or Wall)

Ultimatly I want to create Two Room which Both have One door so the Object is Moving from one room to another room. (using MOGRE)

Is it possible ?

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27-01-2010 18:13:52

Yes, it's possible, it has "primitive" meshes you can create.
But you should really try to use a exporter and 3d app, much easier.

here is one example that I use in my code:

//create a box entity
Entity boxEnt = sceneMgr.CreateEntity(("EntityName"), SceneManager.PrefabType.PT_CUBE);
//create a scenenode to attach it to
SceneNode BoxNode= sceneMgr.CreateSceneNode("BoxNode");
//update to enable it visually.
Boxnode._update(true, true);

//Apply translation\rotation\scaling to the boxnode, to make it the size\shape you want.