Mogrenewt - convex cast


29-01-2010 08:26:54

I need to calculate convex casts for handling collisions of my game's character controller.

I know this funcionality exists in Newton, because you can see it in Newton's Tutorial 04.

In the mentioned tutorial, this is the line that does the convex cast:

NewtonWorldConvexCast (world, &matrix[0][0], &p[0], collision, &param, body, ConvexCastCallback, info, 16, 0);

Has this functionality been lost when wrapping to MogreNewt? I thought this would be a major feature, that everyone would need. Well, I guess I was wrong :-)


09-02-2010 07:23:50

Nobody else needs this functionality?


09-02-2010 10:04:36

I have recently add the functionality in the mogrenewt code, but it still untested. if you have time, i can send you the latest binary so you can check if everything work before i release it.


09-02-2010 13:31:00

Sure thing!

I'll be more than happy to test it :-D