RenderQueue - immediate rendering


29-01-2010 08:36:02

I've spotted that I can't access the RenderQueue in Mogre, but I can do so in Ogre. I'd like to subclass a MovableObject or Entity, then override its _updateRenderQueue method, for doing some immediate rendering. However, for some reason, the said method is declared as not virtual in Mogre, whereas it is a pure virtual method in Ogre.

Method declaration in Ogre::MovableObject (OgreMovableObject.h)
virtual void _updateRenderQueue(RenderQueue* queue) = 0;

Method declaration in Mogre.MovableObject
public void _updateRenderQueue(RenderQueue queue);

BTW, I need this for displaying debug information (lines, text...), though I will need it for other things in the future. How do you normally deal with showing this kind of debug information? Do you use simple SceneNodes with some queryFlag of your own? I wouldn't want to litter my SceneManager with debug SceneNodes, if possible.

So, any help is greatly appreciated here ^__^


29-01-2010 10:16:18

You can't subclass in Mogre like you do it in Ogre, cuz in Mogre you would subclass only wrapper, not the object himself.


29-01-2010 10:55:10

Dammit, I didn't know that :-S

Then, how am I supposed to access the RenderQueue? There must be some way, like an event or something.

Anyone knows how to do it?