See mesh through another untransparent mesh


01-02-2010 02:04:21

hi. Anybody know how to see one(represents bone) mesh through another untransparent mesh(represents model body/has skeleton)7 big thanks with respect :?: This like as arrows when hi displayed by parameter -> entity.DiplaySkeleton = true;


02-02-2010 15:53:12

Maybe adjust the Material and make it 50% transparent in the png / dds file ?



04-02-2010 09:33:15

Kohedlo, you have to deal with your entities' RenderQueueGroup property. Entities with a low value in that property get rendered later. You can use the values at the RenderQueueGroupId enum, casting them to bytes.

Thereby, you'd have something like this (untested):

Entity bones = ....;
Entity mesh = .....;
bones.RenderQueueGroup = (byte)RenderQueueGroupId.RENDER_QUEUE_OVERLAY; // can set it to any custom value, e.g: 93
mesh.RenderQueueGroup = (byte)RenderQueueGroupId.RENDER_QUEUE_MAIN;

See this tutorial. That's where I learned it.



08-02-2010 22:32:35

The most Biggest thanks.