Wrap Berkelium or awesomium?


05-02-2010 03:13:16

Hi, here's a chromium based, BSD licenced web renderer. Looks like an excellent thing to add to MOgre. I think it might be more useful than Hikari?
http://www.ogre3d.org/forums/viewtopic. ... t=chromium

Also Awesomium 1.5 is out with a non-commercial free licence (there are LGPL versions of the earlier version). I think he's updating Navi too


05-02-2010 05:01:21

How about Gecko?


05-02-2010 05:29:10

Because as demonstrated by the blank box on that shot, flash doesn't work with it :) It looks like Berkelium does work from their demo which is major. Plus Chromium is less hassle, cleaner and faster than gecko for embedding (or at least that was AJ's experience doing Awesomium).
It also natively uses threads/processes for tabs so in game tab crashing is better handled. eg you could have a menu AND a user web browser. If the web browser crashed it wouldn't take down the game menu etc
Plus you can't get much better than a BSD licence


06-02-2010 01:36:44

Flash works, the texture in the screenshot was rendered after the site had been loaded but before Flash kicks in.
But Flash would require that Gecko is rendered constantly to texture, which is unfortunately extremly slow.

So I gave Berkelium a try:

Perfect framerate, but Flash is corrupted.


06-02-2010 02:29:01

Hmm, I'd tell the guys writing it because they're still actively making their app which uses it. Looks like a reasonably simple texture format problem. Not sure if they do dirty rect updating
Also I think interacting with gecko flash was also a problem


21-05-2010 14:17:05

render in web good !how can use it in mogre