Save mesh with attached to bone movable object


08-02-2010 22:53:21

After ATTACHING MOVABLE OBJECT to bone - iterator of atached objects see new movable object.
After i save mesh:

Mogre.Mesh mesh = .ent.GetMesh();

using (Mogre.MeshSerializer ms = new Mogre.MeshSerializer())
ms.ExportMesh(mesh, "C:/saved.mesh");


Size of mesh has change, but when i reload again this saved mesh - is no visible attached obj.And iterator not see new attached to bone obj. before save.

Also analogically saving the skeleton -no give effect.

What i missing7. Thanks all.


09-02-2010 07:33:21

Could you please post the code you're using before that? The way you're attaching the movable object to the bone and so on.

Maybe we can help you with that.


15-02-2010 22:13:45

If need i send code.But i want reduce mu old question: data about materials -in mesh file. Can mesh file contain data about attached objects7 If yes -how to write this data to mesh7.

My context of code contain method - ent.AttachObjectToBone().


18-03-2010 09:22:21

the code lice this works finely

ent.AttachObjectToBone("Joint2", DockSample.Editor.Character_Editor.OgreWindow.mSceneMgr.CreateEntity("1234","ninja.mesh"));

but the next wariant code -give exception

entToAttach = OgreWindow.mSceneMgr.GetEntity(comboBox3.SelectedItem.ToString());

ent.AttachObjectToBone("Joint2", EntToAttach); <- exception

Do you use this code -is works7 what is it7


18-03-2010 16:05:09

Not works even
foreach (Entity entity in EntList)
if (entity.Name == comboBox3.SelectedItem.ToString())
ent.AttachObjectToBone("Joint2", entity);

I dont know how to slove it


23-03-2010 19:38:23

Ok / Before attachind ent to bone need detach ent from scene node. This slove exception