11-02-2010 09:12:57

I hava some questions about Root.Singleton.
What does the attribute mean?
It equals null when I didn't create any Root Object, it's not null after I create a Root Object, but it doesn't equals the Root Object I just created.
Could I create multiple Root Objects in an application?
Please help me.


11-02-2010 10:02:43

Root.Singleton is essentially the same as the last Root you've created.
The references aren't equal because the property getter creates a new managed Root object, but the underlying native object is the same.

You should only create the Root once, and then use the reference to that or the singleton.


20-02-2010 08:23:05

Thank you for helping me.
Another question, is there a wrapper of ogreode for mogre?


20-02-2010 18:41:59

Well, there's OdeNet, but that's pretty outdated (ODE 0.7; Mogre 0.2).
You should take a look at MogreNewt instead.