Where ia a created animation7


15-02-2010 19:32:58

Accordinly example for OGRE on C++(Demo_FacialAnimation) I write code for MOGRE.

In some line exist next:

Mogre.Animation anim = ent.GetMesh().CreateAnimation("Manual",0);

This metod create the animation. But nexted string is :

AnimationState manualAnimState = ent.GetAnimationState("Manual");

Moment is in that - second method cant see created animation... :?: and give error exception.

I use iterator - to see existing animations -and iterator cant find "created" animation.

foreach (AnimationState a in ent.AllAnimationStates.GetAnimationStateIterator())

I write code accordingly C++ demo-example.

Who are use this(C++) example for MOGRE7