19-02-2010 20:53:58

Hi, i just looked into Mogre a few days ago. I loved the huge reduction in compile time compared to c++ version of ogre.
I even got my own framework running. Unfortunately, there arent any easy or well documented gui libs available for mogre.
I have checked out all the gui libs in the wiki, but either some are oudated or poorly documented(i mean no tutorials..).
Right now thats my only roadblock to using mogre.
Are there any other alternatives to gui for mogre.

PS: Miyagi seems nice, but no proper explanation about dependencies and how to use them (for eg the event scripts)


20-02-2010 14:22:35

You could try the Hikari wrapper and just use flash or flex to make your guis
I like the look of MyGui and it's being used in some real apps like ZeroGear and I think it has .net wrappers. It also has plugins for hikari and awesomium so you can have webcontent and flash as a widget


20-02-2010 18:04:51

Miyagi is probably the best supported. It has dependencies so that you can use other languages to script your GUI, but they're not needed in any way shape and form. If you don't plan on using scripting, then don't worry about that stuff.