20-02-2010 19:33:10

Hi , i am from a c# background. Hence, i loved Mogre. But i also noticed that CEGUI for mogre is outdated. Plus there are some differences in the overall code in Ogre and Mogre. I have tried both ogre and mogre, and felt mogre to be very good because of the extremely low build times. I just wanted to ask anyone who has experience using both, to share his thoughts on the following :

Will it be hard to use Mogre in long run instead of c++ ogre. (i ask this becoz of less introduction to the .net version of ogre add-onns (eg. MogreNewt, Mogre CEGUI ,etc)) ?

I have the tried the c++ version of ogre add-ons and felt it extremely good. However, i decided to use Mogre and then i had to stop in my tracks because of .net version of these add-ons is either buggy(doesnt work properly) or poorly 'tutorialized' .



21-02-2010 02:56:28

Ogre is better if you're an expert c++ person. MOgre is better if you actually want to ever finish anything :) Either learn how to wrap stuff yourself which I've heard isn't super hard, or just pretend those addons don't exist ;)


21-02-2010 18:19:23

That depend about what you want to use in ogre/Mogre.

if you are interested in all the cutting edge functions of ogre, and want to take advantage of every new additions then sticking with c++ is better.

if you already decided about what plugins/function of ogre you will use in your app, Mogre could be a better choice.

About the gui library, the wrappers in mogre work more or less the same way than the native ogre library, so it's not too hard to figure how to use it. Wrapping yourself a library could also be an option, if you already know how c++ work (no need to be an expert), it isn't that hard.