Hi all again, i am back 8-]


21-02-2010 16:49:16

Hi all!!

has been a long time since i take a look to this forums.. i am glad to see that Mogre is still alive, thanks Gantz for your efforts to keep Mogre update :D And offcourse to beuty to keep helping a lot in everything related to Mogre.. :D

Currenty i founded an enterprise with my brother about information technologies, everything from network to bussines enterprise software. We work all in linux and we are very busy doing a lot of thing, but i going to rebuild my old "windows developer system" with VS and everything neeeded to work in Mogre. My main objective will be make public my old game engine to build MOGRE games (it can handle: 3d, audio, video, importing, gamestates, phisics, game object, game worlds and guis )

c ya!! :wink:


21-02-2010 17:51:13

welcome back marioko :) as every member of the community, i have beneficed of the work you made on mogre. good to see you around again :)
My main objective will be make public my old game engine to build MOGRE games
good to hear ! I'm sure this will be appreciated by everyone who use Mogre.

good luck with your company ;)


22-02-2010 10:57:07

Thank you, yet once again :-)


25-06-2010 13:48:27

Hi Marioco,

great to hear from you :D

I'm interested to know more about your game engine.
Does it has something like a content creation pipeline?
Will you publish it?

By the way - some days ago I read about a game engine, written in C# and which works on Linux systems, too.
Maybe it's interesting for you. Maybe you still can create C# applications with this engine, also for Linux systems.
Look here, if you are interested: Alimer Game Engine (Beta Stage).

GantZ will leave the Mogre projects. Now there is a discussion about it's future. There are still people who want to continue the work. Also we think about your idea to create a MogreNG.
If you like to talk with us and want to give ideas (you are a well known boy) - then this could support us. I know you started to create a new autowrapper.
The discussion is here: Seeking for a new maintainer.

I suppose you also created games.
Is it possible to get them from somewhere? (Binary or source?)
Even if you think they are not so good - it would be great for others to learn from it.
We created a new SDK with installer (incl. depency checker), some add-ons and a few demos. Maybe you have some useful stuff to add?

I whish the best for your business!
Greetings from Germany