27-02-2010 17:11:06


Is there a possibility to create grass in MOGRE and "manage" it(e.g. if the grass is not visible or far away, hiding it,...(like in some games)?
Of course I could create some models in Blender and place it in my level but if I have a lot of these grass-models, it causes perfomance problems.

Thank you


01-03-2010 08:06:46

I haven't done anything with grass myself, but if you download the Ogre demos, there is one called "grass via staticgeometry". You could see if that's what you want and if so, look at the source code (which generally is fairly easy to translate into C# / Mogre).


02-03-2010 20:03:11

Thank you for your answer,
I will look at the source code/demo