Mogre in Linux (Ubuntu)


28-02-2010 21:22:59

Hi everybody.

I would like to use Mogre in Linux (I use Ubuntu and MonoDevelop for C#).
Do you think it could be easily done?
Could you explain me how to do that?

Thanks in advance!


01-03-2010 05:29:00

Mogre does not support that..

But one tip is to use:

The Axiom 3D Engine is an open-source, cross-platform 3D graphics rendering engine for .NET and Mono.
The engine is a high-performance C# port of the powerful OGRE engine.
Its flexible component-oriented architecture allows easy extension and provides full support for both DirectX and OpenGL.
The engine is also cross platform supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems.


01-03-2010 06:31:01

OgreDotNet works in MONO but it's a long way behind the latest ogre release.
MOgre uses c++/CLI which isn't supported in MONO


01-03-2010 07:24:38

Thanks for you answers guys :-)

I will try Axiom