[Request] Missing UserObject for Renderable class


10-03-2010 21:14:09

Ogre has setUserAny & getUserAny functions that allow you to attach user objects to both MovableObject & Renderable types

In Mogre, this seems to be supported with the UserObject property in the MovableObject class.

However, there does not appear to be any support for this in the Renderable class / IRenderable interface.

Can you please add support for the following property in Renderable & IRenderable:
public object UserObject {get; set; }


*Note: This seems to be deprecated in Ogre in favor of UserObjectBindings, however a simple UserObject should work fine in C#
The UserObject fits nicely with the concept of Tags used throught C#

Here is a link to a posting in the main forum describing where this functionality is need:

Thanks in advance,
- Josh