Problem with Basic Tutorial 1


23-03-2010 20:31:51

Hi all,
I'm all new to Mogre/Ogre and C#, I was trying "BASIC TUTORIAL 1", did everything right and when building I always got NULL POINTER EXCEPTION.
I figured out it's the SceneManager, and I solved the problem for me by adding the following line:


just right before: new SceneCreator(win);

Was that the right fix?
If yes, then it needs correction in the tutorial because it's missing, or maybe the tutorial is for a different version of Mogre, I'm using 1.4.8



26-03-2010 09:00:50

For the sake of completion, it turned out that I accedently coded the scene elements in the SceneCreator constructor function instead of SceneCreating, this the scene didn't initialize automaticaly. Nice Bug!!