Mogre and Ogre Collada


08-04-2010 19:14:49


I would be interested to use Mogre but I need to be able to support Collada models. Hence the following questions:

1) What is the status of Ogre Collada support with Mogres latest release?

2) Ogre Collada is the only way of using Collada models with Ogre right?



15-09-2010 10:55:28


I want to use COLLADA files in MOGRE, too. So I didn't create a new topic with the same questions...

Right now I have no clue how to port the OGRE Plugin to MOGRE. Does anyone probably have a working Visual Studio project with MOGRE with COLLADA (1.4) support...? Or could anyone give me a hint how to use the following COLLADA Plugin in MOGRE: - this plugin could open and visualize one of my collada files without problems (e.g.: - not every COLLADA supporting application can open this one...

I would really appreciate every hint!

Kind regards, MrSmith