Compiling MOGRE with Visual Studio 2010?


10-04-2010 02:40:50


I am new here. I tried to compile and install MOGRE with Visual Studio 2010 today, but without luck. The solution files couldn't be converted from 2008 and also, I am stuck with VS2008-compiled dependencies from OGRE.

Before I look closer into the issues.. Did anyony already compile and package an MOGRE version for VS2010 RC?

Ciao, Imi.


10-04-2010 10:21:59

Hm... actually there was no need to recompile. The VS2008 binaries did the trick. Now goinging through the tutorials :-D


10-04-2010 12:59:23

Hm.. Only Release build does work. The Debug build of the MOGRE-samples give me an File not found error (for both, AnyCPU and x86 platform)


10-04-2010 18:00:04

The debug libraries(*_d.dll) need the debug VC++ 2008 redist (i.e. an installed VS2008 or Visual C++ 2008 Express).
It also won't work if you reference the release libraries but the folder contains the debug ones (and vice versa).


11-04-2010 00:34:20

Hm. Maybe it's some other problem. I installed VS 2008 C# Express (SP1) and it has exactly the same problems: Release works fine, when run in Debug, it says:

Unbehandelte Ausnahme: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Das angegebene Modul wur
de nicht gefunden. (Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
bei Mogre.Demo.BSP.Program.Main(String[] args)

Any clue? How can I debug errors like this? Where do I look to get information which Module wasn't found? (I am new to C#, only used to C++)

Ciao, Imi.


11-04-2010 02:23:38

Visual C++ 2008 Express
And make sure, you've changed the references to Mogre.dll to Mogre_d.dll.

Alternatively, you can run the demos with the release Mogre.dll. Copy over all dlls from the release folder to the debug folder, and change the filenames in plugins.cfg.


15-04-2010 13:44:22


To install VS C++ 2008, I have to uninstall VS2010. Uncool. So I am back trying to compile the whole thing in VS2010. I'll try the trunk now.

I'll be back whining when I get more trouble. (That's a threat! ;-) )

Ciao, Imi.


22-05-2010 10:57:44

VS2010 support would be great if it comes soon. I'm waiting for VS2010 support.


22-05-2010 13:56:43