Compound collision - dragging objects -collision not working


11-05-2010 04:52:09

When I drag an object and drop it, it falls on other objects and collides correctly.
But if I attempt to force a collision by dragging an object (by clicking & dragging, without releasing left button of mouse) then the object which I have dragged, penetrates other objects and does not collide with other objects.
I have added force using a callback but this does not work.
Please note that I am using compound objects created with convex hull objects which I created by convex decomposition using John Ratcliff's app.

Again, any idea/pointer would be very helpful.
Please let me know if any other details are required. Is this possible using Newton?

Thanks again,


11-05-2010 18:44:41

I found that sometimes when I drag an object it collides with other objects. Whereas the another object of the same type does not collide with other objects when dragged.
Does this info offer any clue to this problem?

Thanks in advance,


12-05-2010 12:13:39

How have you implemented the dragging?
Are you moving it using force only(for example, using spring-force between the body and the mouse position) or are you modifying the body's position directly?

If it's moved by purely applying forces it should collide properly, but if the body is forced(positioned) to a specific position directly collisions will not behave correctly.