Terrain Wrapper


28-05-2010 18:41:33

Hi all, I've started using MOgre for my project and I'm trying to load terrain from Ogitor but it seems I have to use the new Ogre Terrain addon. Has someone written a wrapper for this? If not, what is the best way to go around wrapping the addon and I'll do it myself.



29-05-2010 10:32:06

There is no wrapper for the new terrain addons yet. If you plan to wrap it yourself, you have several possibilities.

First, you need to know how c++/cli work, i assume you already know it if you plan to wrap the addon, otherwise, it's not really too hard to understand once you got the basis of c++ and are experienced with .net framework.

  1. Using cpp2java - Autowrap to generate the wrapper source code. It won't work out of the box, so you will need to modify it a bit. Pro : Easier to maintain / you won't need to publish source code, just the modified autowrapper / cpp2java source. Con: understanding how autowrap - cpp2java work could take some time[/*:m]
  2. Wrap it yourself. It's the most straightforward way. Pro : Easier to get a working wrapper, you don't need to wrap everything to make it work. Con : Harder to maintain. You need to keep track of change on the addons. [/*:m][/list:u]


30-05-2010 17:48:42

Hmm, thanks for the information. I do have some experience writing wrappers so I'll give it a bash.


09-06-2010 11:44:14

Post the code if you ever succeed, it'll be really helpful :D


10-06-2010 13:15:31

Certainly will.

Just started a new job with a 3 hour commute which is a bit of a bitch so I've not had a lot of time to get very far.

I've been learning the cpp2java stuff and got the terrain code wrapped. Not tested, not compiled, that's the next step :)


11-06-2010 17:01:21

Nice to have one more cpp2java knowing boy.
Publishing new or updated wrappers is nice :)

By the way - would it be also possible to wrap an add-on by SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) or isn't it compatible with the cpp2java / C++/CLI wrapper of Mogre?


27-07-2010 11:59:10

hi tuft

I'm also interested in a wrapper for this (after having ill-success with MET). Have you made any progress with this?