How to make viewport in 2d?


29-05-2010 21:00:11

Need make wiewport in 2d. Like Unreal Map Ed.

Standart viewport make visible deep of model.(Example:Back side of cube visually smaller on perimetr then forvard)

Or need another graphic engine7 But mogre is powerfull. :(


29-05-2010 21:50:30

The '2D' viewports use something called orthographic (or orthogonal) projection.
You can change the projection type of a camera with:
camera.ProjectionType = ProjectionType.PT_ORTHOGRAPHIC;

The wiki has an article that might be helpful (but it's for Ogre and might be outdated):


29-05-2010 22:53:33

Biggest Thanks Smilley80. I go make my project!