Met for 1.7.1?


05-06-2010 10:23:49

Is there a Met working version for Mogre 1.7.1?


07-06-2010 22:17:59

Only need recompile dll. becaose 1.7.1 Mogre - have some changes.


08-06-2010 16:51:58

Thank you, I will try to recompile it.


20-07-2010 01:38:35

Has anyone gotten this working? I've built the Ogre Editable Terrain Manager and the Mogre Editable Terrain Manager however when I run the samples, the module (MET) fails to load, before main is even hit. The exact same thing happens with my own code that tries to make use of the MET.

I desperately need to get this wrapper working :(


20-07-2010 02:37:11

fails to load, before main is even hit.

Haven't tested MET myself but I think this could only happen if you have different versions of .dll's on your executable directory, so make sure your dll's are all compiled against 1.7.1.


20-07-2010 03:35:31

(Sorry to hijack the thread but it's relevant and the OP seems to have resolved his issue)

All .dll's have been built with the same version of Ogre. I've rebuilt everything multiple times with no effect.

When I attempt to run my application I get the exception "A procedure imported by 'MET, Version=1.0.3853.18697, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' could not be loaded.", which has the inner exception "The specified procedure could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007F)".

I've done some more digging with dependancy walker which tells me "Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in an implicitly dependent module." in EditableTerrainManager.dll. I get no errors or warnings when compiling ETM (except basic warnings regarding conversion and unreferenced member variables), but when I compile MET I get the warning "warning C4679: 'Mogre::Image::set' : could not import member" on line 155 of TerrainInfo.h. That looks pretty suspicious to me (and it sounds a lot like what Dependency Walker is telling me), but I have no idea how to fix it, or what it's even complaining about - Mogre::Image::set isn't referred to anywhere near line 155 (or even in the same file).

148 property Mogre::Vector3 Offset {
149 Mogre::Vector3 get() {
150 return GetManagedVector3(terrainInfo->getOffset());
151 }
152 }
154 static void LoadHeightmapFromImage(TerrainInfo^ info, Mogre::Image^ image) {
155 ET::loadHeightmapFromImage(*info->_getNativePtr(), *(Ogre::Image*)image);
156 }
158 static void SaveHeightmapToImage(TerrainInfo^ info, Mogre::Image^ image) {
159 SaveHeightmapToImage(info, image, 2);
160 }

Any ideas? :(

Edit: commenting out line 155 advances the warning to the next line that uses Mogre::Image (line 159). There's at least 30 lines, in multiple files that use Mogre::Image, so commenting our their implementations and working around the absence of some functions (like loading and saving heightmaps) is infeasible.


11-10-2010 18:23:28


I got the same problem with the Mogre::Image::set blabla ^^ No ideas so far?


12-10-2010 18:15:10

i wouldn't care too much about it, i also got this warning with various wrapper, and it have never break them. Now, i would like to know why this warning appear, and how to remove it. so far, i haven't found any useful information about it.