Project home of Mogre


11-06-2010 06:36:50

Sorry if this question came up before but I currently don't have the time to search the forum:

What's Mogre's official project home????

So far, I've identified three different possible project home:


    Which one now is the official project home?

    Also: Neither of these pages has an active bug tracker. How is one supposed to file a bug for this project?

    Specifically in my case (using Mogre 1.7.1 beta): Mogre.Math.Sin(0.0f, true) throws a DivisionByZero exception but Mogre.Math.Sin(0.0f, false) doesn't. The same is true for "Cos(0.0f, true)".

    Update: Neither of both functions seem to work at all when using lookup tables - no matter what angle is specified.

    Update2: Found out that one needs to create a new instance of "Mogre.Math" to initialize its static trig table lookup functions to work. (WTF?) It's not done automatically for whatever reason.


11-06-2010 10:25:42

I'm surprised that somebody even bothered with look-up tables.
And yes I know the tests results.


11-06-2010 16:48:25

Hi manski,

thanks for your bugreport.
The main page of Mogre is its wiki page:

On sourceforge is the source code of the Mogre wrapper.
On are example applications, binaries of Mogre and Add-ons, the installer etc. It was created and is maintained by an other person than the source code maintainers. I don't know. Gantz is the current Mogre maintainer. Maybe the project moved there?? Currently I'm not very active - so I can't tell you, but I'm interested to get know.


11-06-2010 16:53:19

Your bugreport I quoted in the thread Mogre 1.7.1.
I don't know a bug tracker - bugs were discussed in the threads related to the releases.