Imperial Engine 1.5.10(is near)


11-06-2010 20:44:30

Hi all Mogre community.

After some time of work - is near first release of Imperial Engine - new game engine, with graphic renderer based on Mogre.

This engine desingened for making game solutions with wery dificult gameplay. Many years ago i use some languages for creating games. But without game engine only by code building -i lose many time. After that i use some game engines -but this tools no have possiblities for my games. Finely i begin write engine -with ability create my plans for games.

Current near release just only beginning .

The first release is coming soon.

It is a commercial project , but avalable also uncomercial license.
After release i finish Imperial 3D Studio - editor for creating meshes and BSP worlds.
Library for physics is Candy PhysX wrapper, sound - some simple is exist - MogreFreeSL.

Editor can create and edit many type of resources:
Logic(can create three type of logic:dynamic local, global,static global),
Assets(each can contain dificylt system of attachments and behavior)
Maps(in future planing support type of maps for creating stag systems with dynamic planets and cities on it),
Particles(in progress),
Animations(facial,node,bone,/ in progress)

In future i planing provide preparing games with flowgraph schemmes( no need write and compiling source).
Main goal for using this engine - creating net cooperatives and worlds.


11-06-2010 21:39:16

Looks sweet :)

It kind of reminds me of NeoAxis

Since it's already a stable version ( even if I haven't seen your other versions anywhere for some reason ), could you tell us what libraries it uses like for sound and physics?


11-06-2010 22:09:42

An interesting project (-:

I would like to see a feature list.
Is it a commercial engine or what type of licence will you use?
Does it contain an editor to create/manipulate meshes or scenes?


12-06-2010 21:15:21

Will be only 3 types of lisence. But later you will know. One of lisence have a some other variations for one or more users. :wink:


12-06-2010 21:59:30

Nice work,i would love to inform you also about my project,


13-06-2010 10:31:11

Nice work,i would love to inform you also about my project,
Your work nice too, but your engine for specialists of code. You good programmer, but think about simply users ))) Look on your work from another side... She's not bad, but not easy to learn her))) Sorry, if i touch your feelings )))


21-01-2011 14:31:55

Thanks all komunity for your help and advice.

From 2010 august project Imperial 1.6 has been closed. We begin to work on Imperial Game Engine 2.