MMOC, no scale bug?


18-06-2010 16:14:23


Once again I have a problem with MMOC, this time MMOC has problems with scaled models.
For example, I have a model with scale 1,1,1: everything okay
but if i set the scale to 5,5,5: No succesfull raycast, only on the ground where the model should be with scale 1,1,1.

Has anybody a idea, how fix this?

Thank you


18-06-2010 17:29:02

Should be fixed now.
It took only the scale of the parent node into account instead of the derived scale.


18-06-2010 17:32:29

Thank you,

once again :D ,
I guess, you updated the code at google.code? It says it is updated at Apr 2009 :?:


18-06-2010 17:45:15

Download is now updated.


18-06-2010 17:48:23

Thanks again