Instant Replay


30-06-2010 16:08:26

Who have idea - how release replay in game7

P/S:-I see - need write actions(move,rotation, events) according his time to databank. And after use databank information for imitate of simulation according events in time.


01-07-2010 05:17:32

1) record all relevant data (position, orientation, animation state, etc.) of all objects
2) record the user input

The second option is generally more elegant.

Gamasutra article: ... _game_.php


01-07-2010 07:27:03

But be careful with option 2, all your game functions need to have deterministic behavior for this to work. I learned that the hard way. If you use random values anywhere in your code, try to either save the seed value that you used at the start or record all random values and feed them back into the engine on playback.