Absolute position to relative position


08-07-2010 16:12:22


I have some problems to convert absolute coordinates to relative coordinates.
I found this : ReferenceNode._getDerivedOrientation.inverse * (Abs_position1 - ReferenceNode._getderivedPosition) / ReferenceNode._getDerivedScale
Abs_position1: absolute coordinate which I want to make relative

but the calculated position is wrong.

Has anybody is an idea?


29-07-2010 13:30:00

Sorry that I can't give you a solution.
But it would be useful to post your question again in the general discussion section of the main forum.
There are many many more active member and this increases the chance to get a well answer :wink:

Your question is not Mogre specific. It's a common question.
So you can ask there and it should be easy to port their C++ code snippet to Mogre.


30-07-2010 09:40:52


I will try it.