Where is Mogre?


09-07-2010 04:19:24

There's a bit of confusion over which location is supposed to be the correct one?

Google Code link on the wiki - http://code.google.com/p/mogresdk/
SourceForge links in the forums - http://sourceforge.net/projects/mogre/
BitBucket link in the forums - http://bitbucket.org/gantz/mogre

What is going on here?
Can we can update the links on the wiki and make it clear in the forums which one to use please.


10-07-2010 05:18:31

The Bitbucket link is to the working repository for MOGRE, where changes to the code of MOGRE and its addons are made. Links to Bitbucket are usually posted when people are using something in an unfinished state.

The Google Code link is to the SDK development site, where the installable MOGRE packages are made. Links here are posted when someone wants to link to the beta version of an SDK or, occasionally, to a finished SDK.

SourceForge links are to the MOGRE SourceForge page, which holds finished SDKs, etc. for easy download. Everything here should be fit for users.

Each link is suitable for certain needs, so it makes since that you're seeing many different links across the forums and Wiki. That's my understanding, at least.


10-07-2010 05:55:47

Okay. Well I guess the issue is documentation because this is the first time I've seen any sort of explanation.

Personally I'd prefer to keep it simple and all in one place but maybe I'm missing something.


26-07-2010 12:54:08

The source code repository switched from sourceforge to bitbucket, because now we use Mercurial (instead of SVN).
Sourceforge is read-only now.

One of our users created a new and improved SDK with installer, binaries etc.
He choosed googlecode for maintaining. (The content type is very different to the Mogre code. The SDK repository contains binaries, add-ons, examples, installer scripts, etc. The Mogre repository contains the Ogre core code and the wrapper generator. No binaries are included.)

Some extension developers use their own repository or just zip packages somewhere in the internet.
Also some developers has modified clones on other repositories.

We know the confusion and want to improve it.
It's planned to have all code in one repository: http://bitbucket.org/mogre

The central point of information is our Mogre wiki page.
Maybe this should be marked up more clear.
How did you catch attention to our Mogre wrapper?


27-07-2010 00:54:31

How did you catch attention to our Mogre wrapper?

I've been using Mogre for a while now but I was just a bit confused where I was supposed to be getting the latest version. I believe the first place I ever noticed it was in the forums, then on the wiki page but that was a long time ago. mstoyke's recent thread about Mogre 1.7.1 seems to clear things up nicely.


27-07-2010 13:51:14

mstoyke's recent thread about Mogre 1.7.1 seems to clear things up nicely.

That was my intention ;)