SkyX for mogre


27-07-2010 11:06:02

Is there SkyX or wrapper for Mogre? Didnt find any but there is Axiom.SkyX project
(in axiomcontribs repo, using MIT-license, pure cs), that I might convert to mogre if it is not
already done.
Well, there is caelumsharp but SkyX is even better looking, I think.


28-07-2010 19:59:02

Oh great - I didn't know this add-on before.

Here is its forum topic:

And here is a nice video in combination with Hydrax:

If you want to make SkyX available for Mogre, I think it would be good to create a wrapper instead of porting the code.
Because it would be much more easy to update it in the future.
Only API changes would need an update. Changes inside the core library don't care a wrapper. With a port you would need to update each tiny thing.
This are my thougts about ...

But in general it would be nice to have such an add-on for Mogre :)

By the way - how different is the code of Axiom and Mogre?
Does it need many changes or is it very similar?
(I don't mean the core code - I mean the code with which you use the library, e.g. in an application)


30-07-2010 20:07:28

Checked axiom port of SkyX, will need some work to get it work with mogre, so Im not going into it now.

And yes, I think wrapper might be better, but I havent never used swig/pinvoke.

Maybe I'll come back to this subject later.


02-08-2010 08:51:29

Somewhere in the Mogre forum are informations about a C++ /CLIwrapping.
Some instructions and links. Unfortunately I couldn't find it now.
Here is a post with some wrapping examples (of MogreNewt):

Maybe smiley80 made such a wrapper for an add-on.
It's also possible to do it manually without a tool like SWIG.
You "just" need to wrap the API members and nothing internal.
Also for the beginning you don't have to wrap all members. Only these which you need.
So I did for the Newton library 2 years ago. Just wrapped the few methods which were needed for collision detection. But for me it was a pain, because I don't have C++ knowledge. If you have then it's much more easy.

Using C++/CLI is the same method as Mogre uses. It works well, but only on Windows systems.
How to do with P/Invoke I can't say. Also I don't know if a P/Invoke add-ons works with Mogre which is based to C++/CLI.


02-08-2010 09:00:04

By the way - there is an other Sky add-on available for Mogre: CaelumSharp

Porting/wrapping SkyX would be nice, but maybe for you it would be good enough to use CaelumSharp.


05-08-2010 16:39:25

The great user boyamer created a wrapper for SkyX.
Look here for more details: