Own Wrapper Exception!!


06-08-2010 10:42:01

hey guys ,i am writing an editor these days ,the editor is made by winform,so i wrap ogre myself without using Mogre(maybe it's the begining of the eveil things!!).I do this because the company had it's own native ogre render function soI just need to wrap some method and do the rendering job in the C# layer via Clr.
I had a successful editor using this way in my privious company .But I found it didn't work well now!!
i write a clr project and then #include "Ogre.h",compile it into a DLL and add a reference in winform project.and i use the namespace ,new a wrappered class in it.Then I run the problem and an exception throwed:
It's really weird!!!!!!!!
lol!!!Anybody could give me a help?!my project is stucked here!
BTW:I am using x86 and visual studio 2008 and win7 and i had 1tried it on the enviroment of vs2005 and winxp,and I had tried MogreSDK_1.4.8 and ogre_src_v1-7-1,neither of them work!!!!


06-08-2010 12:40:24

Welcome in our Mogre forum section :)

Maybe a depency is missing?
All needed depencies should be installed by the current MogreSDK. The 1.4.8 one is outdated.
After installing the SDK all needed depencies should be on your system. Maybe this will kill the exceptions.
http://mogresdk.googlecode.com/files/Mo ... ta_r72.exe

An other idea could be to use our Mogre autowrapper generator.
Replace the Ogre code by your modified one.
Maybe also some (little?) modifications are needed in the autowrapper.

More I can't help you, because I'm no Mogre developer, just a "user".


07-08-2010 03:03:25

hey,dude,it's sweet to see your help but i checked the project settings and still noting good occurs...what about I send you my project and if you could help me check it? I mean it coz i really need to solve that problem before I turn into using Mogre..


08-08-2010 00:56:46

More I can't help you, because I'm no Mogre developer, just a "user".
Sorry, I don't have enough knowledge to help you compiling your version. I never compiled Mogre.