Mogre need boost and supporting Particle Universe?


09-08-2010 04:31:08

Hey guys,I had used two version of Mogre,the first one is MogreSDK_1.4.8,but it didn't support Particle Universe.The second is the latest version,but it needs boost now.
I dont't really want to use boost for the reason of it's complex intallation progress ,so I am wondering which version would support Particle Universe without need boost libs...


06-09-2010 11:27:48

I never used this, but I know the Mogre quickstart binaries includes this plugin. Maybe you try this.

Is boost needed for Mogre compilation only or also for using a precompiled Mogre.dll file?


06-09-2010 11:35:24

You can compile Ogre without boost, it's optional. In fact the current Mogre 1.7.1 binaries that I released are compiled without boost.