save files back to zip resources file


11-08-2010 03:48:41

I have that i load using the resource group class (mogre)
and i have created a class that generate a text file.

what i want to do is to put the text file or append it into can i use resourcemanager class? or i just use any zip csharp library out there.

and to be able to load it back later on the program, i think this part is easily done by using Ogre::ResourceManager::reloadAll

so my question is how do i put some file or append files into

thank you


11-08-2010 16:38:29 is just a common zip file.
The ResourceManager / ResourceGroupManager can load content from common zip files. They contain a zip extracting routine.
You don't need to put more content to the file.
You can create other zip files and add them to the resource.cfg file.
Maybe a zip file content will be loaded automatically when it's inside a directory which is still listed to the resource.cfg file.

You an create zip files as you like.
With applications like 7zip, WinRAR, but also by source code.
.NET contains a zip class and there are also some other zip libraries (with some additional features) which you can link and use with .NET applications.

Wait - I look to my C# codebook which contains useful code snippets for several tasks.
Ok, I found it, but I don't like to write a long post here. It's just an overview. With this classes you can create and read zip files. With the second one you also can add files to existing zip files. For details you can search yourself. I suppose you also find code snippets in the internet.

System.IO.Packaging.ZipPackage - native .NET class; needs a link to Windows.Base.dll

ZipLib - an open source zip library